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13 04 2008

Welcome to the K9 Community!

Thank you for choosing K9 Web Protection! We at Blue Coat believe children’s safety on the Internet is a worldwide social issue that takes local community action and parental involvement. We make K9 Web Protection free to all home users.

We need concerned and involved people like you to help us spread the word about these issues. If you’re willing to take a few minutes and share your experience with others, it will make a big difference for all of us. Below are some suggestions on effective community actions.

Install K9 Web Protection

Do the following to install K9 Web Protection:

  1. Download K9 Web Protection
  2. During the installation, you will be asked for your license. Your K9 Web Protection license is:


  3. You will also be asked for an administrator password. Please choose one that you will not forget. K9 Web Protection is a security product, and by design, it’s hard to get around, so please

    You will need this password to adjust K9’s settings or to uninstall the product.

  4. Certain firewall settings can hamper or disable functionality of K9 Web Protection. Make sure to instruct your firewall to always allow k9filter.exe access to the Internet.

If you have questions about installing or using the product, please go to our support system or simply click the [Help] link in the K9 administration interface. If you have non-support-related questions or comments, visit our feedback page.

Help Us Improve K9 Web Protection

We need volunteers to join our K9 Beta Program to ensure new features are ready for the general public. Our beta volunteers help us to continue to improve future versions of K9 Web Protection. To sign up, simply visit:


By participating in this beta program you will receive early access to K9 Web Protection releases that have undergone testing, but not the extensive testing we require of our publicly available software. You may easily opt out at any time if you do not wish to continue in the program.

Community Actions

  1. Use the referral page on the K9 Web Protection website to send an e-mail to a friend about K9.
  2. Flyers, signs, and other information are available to download and print on the K9 website under the “Spread the Word” section. Take them to your next Scout, school, or church meeting.
  3. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, TV, or radio station about the challenges of being an Internet Parent and encouraging community debate about this issue.
  4. Ask your ISP, computer maker, or companies like Google and Microsoft to include filtering software, such as K9 Web Protection, with their services.
  5. Reporters occasionally ask for customer references when doing stories on K9. If you’re interested in being a reference, please email k9marketing@bluecoat.com.

Participate Online

  1. We recently started a blog to discuss the impact of the Internet on Parenting, and how we can embrace the technology that has become fundamental to our kids’ lives while still keeping them safe. Please visit The Internet Parent blog and join us in this important discussion.
  2. Visit a parent or Internet Safety message board and post a note about the challenges of being an Internet Parent. Share your experience with K9. Include a link to our website or our Internet Parent Blog. Parents are often afraid to try new technologies, so sharing your experiences matters a lot.
  3. Add links to our website and our Internet Parent Blog on your website. If you’d like to use our logo, please contact k9marketing@bluecoat.com .

Pick some of these actions, and try them out. We really do need the help, and we know from experience that you really will have an impact.

Best regards,

Your K9 Web Protection Product and Support Team

This email is generated automatically. Replies to this email will not be received by Blue Coat. If you have support issues or product questions, visit our support center at http://www1.k9webprotection.com/support/index.php .




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